About me

Printmaker/ illustrator based in Edinburgh. I specialise in creating highly detailed, multi- layered linocuts.

I taught myself lino cutting when I first moved to Edinburgh in late 2010 and found success selling my first linocuts in local art fairs thereafter. During the initial years my themes were heavily focused on animals with anthropomorphic behaviors and characteristics, in the style of children's book illustrations.

Lately, in an effort to perfect my technique and play with more challenging subject matter, I have been increasing my working size and introducing a certain level of graphic realism. I work a lot from reference and spend a ridiculous amount of time preparing and printing my linocuts. 

I am obsessed with stories of exploration whether these are real (historical accounts) or imaginary (sci-fi) and have been repeatedly introducing this theme into my prints. 

I enjoy sharpening edged hand tools and spend hours figuring out the various challenges that printmaking presents me with.