August Newsletter

Hello everyone.

It's been a while since my last blog post and this one will be the first one on my new website. When I figure out a way to move all my old wordpress content to the squarespace platform and also actually find time to do it,  you'll be the first to know.

August has never been an extremely productive time for printmaking , but this year I have a deadline in September to work towards. I have been printing a seven layer linocut for Edinburgh Printmakers 50th anniversary exhibition "Paper to Gold". For those who do not know, Edinburgh Printmakers is an open access studio and gallery which provides dedicated facilities for the creation of fine art prints, a space to exhibit and a platform for teaching the various techniques. I have been a member there since early 2012.

The print

The print is a seven colour, reduction linocut and is a portrait of my partner Eleni. Portraits are unexplored territory for me which I am finding quite challenging, but also very enjoyable. Taking a break from my, moebiuesque (yes I just made this up from Moebius-esque) landscapes/characters is rather refreshing.


The real challenge here is printing a 40 print edition on that hydraulic, platten press I use at Edinburgh Printmakers. Let's just say that I am hoping I will be able to move my arm once I am done with it.

I should finish the linocut in a week or so and after handing in the edition in September, it will be part of the winter group exhibition at Union Street, Edinburgh.


The Aviatrix dreams

My latest completed linocut, "The Aviatrix dreams" is currently framed and exhibited at the following places:

  • RSA Lower Galleries as part of the RSA Open Exhibition of Art 2107, on the Mound till 1 October 2017.
  • Amber Arts Gallery and Framers, 78 Montrose Terrace | Edinburgh.

Also, soon to be part of the list:

  • Bankside Gallery as part of the National Original print Exhibition, at Thames Riverside | 48 Hopton Street | London | SE1 9JH from 20 Sept till 1 Oct.




The other print

I have been working on the third print of my "giants" series/triptych, but recently had to give it a break in order to finish my "paper to gold" print in time. I am at a loss as to how many colours I have actually printed, but they are many!

Here is a sneak-peek


The other two prints from the triptych mentioned above, "Alas!The earth giant has risen" and "Observing the depth of his eternal slumber" are currently exhibited at Gallery 10 on 5 St Williams Street | Edinburgh. They currently have a Picasso print exhibition on, so do drop by if you are around the area. 

Until September then!