faq regarding my prints

Are your prints hand made?

Yes. All my prints are original, hand carved, hand inked and manually printed using a hydraulic platten press or/and a spoon.


Are all of your prints created using the reduction method?

In terms of linocuts, as most of my prints are multi-layered any other method except for the reduction method would be very wasteful and expensive. I do however usually prepare one key block and based on that as many colour blocks as necessary.

My second most prefered printmaking method is screen printing, but I also have some experience in etching and lithography. My Dandelion series are screen prints based on popular, old linocuts which I did at the beginning of my printmaking career.


Do the images provided represent the way a print really looks? 

Short answer is no! I have done my best to describe and photograph my prints as they are in real life. However, I can not be held responsible for monitor resolutions and their colour gamut. Please take note that I ink and print by hand, therefore there may be slight variations between prints. Paper hue is also hard to be properly represented on screen and again I have done my best to provide the best digital images.